Road Transport

Our fleet consists of semi-trailer trucks, dump trucks, mobile cranes and forklifts 100% fitted with GPS offering a real time geolocation.

We offer customized solutions, tailored to your needs, for which we commit our competence, our know-how and the quality of our equipment.

Our teams are qualified and trained to exceptional transport, oversized heavy parcels, all over the Congolese territory.

Road Service Pointe-Noire - Cabinda

Since 2008 EXPRESS AFRIQUE has launched a trucking service from Pointe Noire to Chevron Malongo base, Malembo base and Cabinda City to meet the growing demand of these different sites and offer a solution to Angolan customers.

This service offers two alternatives:
1. A weekly groupage service implemented to respond first to the Air / Road activity and to offer a fixed program to our customers.
2. Appreciated by Freight Forwarders and Oil Operators, the regularity of this service offers a guarantee of fast and efficient delivery every week from Pointe Noire.

A dedicated truck can also be chartered at any time to respond to the emergency (departure from Pointe-Noire every day depending on the opening hours at the borders). Note that this groupage service is also accessible by air and sea via our Pointe Noire logistics base. For cases of extreme emergency we also operate dedicated deliveries in connection with air or sea charters.

Our experience in this field offers us today the possibility of transshipping freight as quickly as possible, whether in sea or air, on ships of lines or on charters.

HAZMAT Cargo is a dedicated service, operated in collaboration with Special Cargo Services NL.
This service, highly appreciated by the main Oil Operators, is essentially geared towards the transportation of:
- Class 1 explosives: Cargo palletized and containerized to ensure a safe transfer of PNR to CAB.
- Radioactive Class 7: RA sources secure in a bunker, locked and chained to the trailer to meet QHSE standards.

Road Service Pointe-Noire - Brazzaville

Since May 2012 Express Afrique has set up a weekly trucking service between Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville. This service is used to respond to the rerouting of goods unloaded at the Port of Pointe-Noire thus offering a complementary solution to transport by rail often congested.